Many of the calls that I get from my partners and customers are related to wireless guest access and specifically related to captive portals. That’s why I decided to document how to troubleshoot the common issues that I see frequently grouped by stage. This post is just a brief summary and all the details are included in the PDF link at the end of this post.

Controller Initiated Workflow – No MAC Caching

The below diagram shows the details of this workflow. I think about it as

  • Two Roles (One Before authenticating and one after authenticating)
  • 3 Stages (Associated, Authenticated and Authentication Completed)

Each of these stages has different issues / common problems which I documented here in this PDF presentation.

The majority of times, the issues are certificate related so make sure to check the recommendations pages in particular (Pages 12-14)

Feel free to provide your comments and share your feedback.

Please note that although the above PDF is focused on Aruba controller deployment, the same logic applies to Instant or Central based deployments..

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